Terraform Tips & Tricks – Part 1 – Building A Constant Reference

One of the most common problems I see in large organizations when working with terraform is consistency. When we have a large amount of resources being managed…

Istio Architecture Diagram

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Istio but Were Afraid to Ask

Istio is a powerful service mesh that integrates natively with Kubernetes, I have been using Istio as my service mesh, ingress, and egress gateways on my personal…

Envoy Modules Solar Monitoring Grafana Dashboard

How to Monitor Your Enphase Home Solar System with Telegraf

How to collect metrics from an Enphase Envoy PV system, with telegraf and influxdb.

Anthos on Bare Metal Architecture Diagram

How to Deploy Anthos on Bare Metal On-Prem

Introduction The main advantage of Anthos on BM over Anthos on VMWare for on-prem deployments is the ability to run Anthos clusters without a hypervisor license. Cluster…

OPA Gatekeeper Architecture

OPA Gatekeeper: Bringing Law and Order to Kubernetes

Introduction Open Policy Agent (OPA) is a policy based control agent that is able to be integrated on various platforms. For the sake of this document we…

Anthos GKE Cluster Traffic Diagram

How to Setup Anthos on GKE Autopilot with Private Certificate Authority

What You Will Create The guide will set up the following: 2 Private GKE autopilot clusters with master global access ASM with multicluster mesh IstioIngress gateway to…

GCP IPsec VPN On-Prem Hardware Architecture

How to Setup a pfSense IPsec VPN Connection Behind a Router to Google Cloud

A tutorial on how to setup a virtual pfSense router behind a main router for VPN communications with Google Cloud Platform.

SHA-3 Sponge Construction Visualized

In-depth Visual Breakdown of the SHA-3 Cryptographic Hashing Algorithm

Background SHA-3 is short for Secure Hash Algorithm 3 This means that SHA-3 is a hash function and meets certain attack resistance criteria, if you don’t know…

A Brief Explanation of Turing Completeness and Smart Contracts

Turing Completeness The concept of Turing completeness stems from Alan Turing’s definition of a Turing machine. I came across this concept after researching smart contracts. I saw…

Asymmetric Encryption Visualized

The Beautiful Mathematics Behind the RSA Cryptosystem

What is RSA? RSA or Rivest-Shamir-Adleman is a public-key cryptosystem that was first described in 1977 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman. RSA is one…